We use encrypted protocols* to connect to your devices remotely. When we are finished working on your machine, we close the software so that it is no longer installed or running.

Because you downloaded the software, it will still exist in your Downloads folder. You can also delete it from there if it makes you feel more comfortable, but unless you decide to run it again manually, it’s just like any other file stored on your hard drive.

With mobile devices we recommend that you uninstall the app once it is no longer needed. We take your security seriously, and are happy to answer any questions that you may have about it.

* All connections are protected with TLS and 256-bit AES encryption.

Our bookings system allows you to book in a one hour Remote Support Session with an available Support Technician. Much like with hairdresser or dentist appointments, this time is allotted to you, and we prepare in advance of the session accordingly. We suggest that you make a list of questions that we may be able to help you with before your Remote Support Session. That way, if we manage to fix it quickly, we can spend the remaining time resolving some of your other problems.

In order to ensure the availability of Technicians we aim to resolve most problems within an hour. If it’s starting to look like it will take longer, we’ll let you know as early as possible and explain why. Sometimes we will need to call you back at a later time to finish fixing your problem, as your Technician may have other appointments that they need to keep.

Our Support Technicians are in high demand and need to schedule Remote Support Sessions in order to maximise their availability. We will usually be able to provide same-day support, which is equivalent to what on-site support can offer, only cheaper. If you have any questions about your problem before booking a Remote Support Session you can call us on 1300 005 055 so that we can determine how best to deal with it.

Usually we just read the manual and call you back! Sometimes your support ticket will need to be escalated to another Support Technician if we have trouble resolving your problem at first. We aim to close all of our support requests successfully, but remember, if we can’t figure out how to fix it, then we won’t charge you.

Yes, we support both Android and iOS devices including both iPads and iPhones, however we can’t click on anything and can only see what you are doing, so we require you to interact with the device during the Support Session.

Yes, we support MacOS, Windows and even linux machines, along with mobile devices. We can provide a Support Technician that is familiar with your desktop or server’s operating environment.

We can help you diagnose that you have a hardware fault and sometimes we can guide you through a repair process. However, usually we will refer you to an on-site support service. Generally speaking we only offer hardware support in limited areas depending on the availability of our Support Technicians.

You can pay via Mastercard or Visa when you book your appointment.

If you choose to be billed later, or if you have already paid and the session runs over one hour, we will send you an invoice and payment link after your issue is resolved. You can pay this via credit card or EFT.

If you paid for your session when you booked, we will still send you an invoice for your tax purposes, so remember to give us the contact details that you want to appear on the invoice.

Also, because some payment methods take longer than others to reach us, you may get a payment reminder after you have already paid your bill. Sorry about that!

If you paid your invoice via EFT or Paypal then we may not have processed your payment yet. Please ignore the reminder and accept our apologies. If you have any questions you can simply reply via email, or email accounts@kangasupport.com.au.

When we take your deposit for the first hour of your Remote Support Session we process the payment securely but do not store your credit card details. If your Support Session lasts for longer than an hour then we send you an invoice for the additional time. You can pay this via credit card or EFT.

You’ll also receive a zero balance invoice if your Support Session is fully paid for in advance.

All of your Remote Support Sessions are logged in our Help Desk. When you first engage us we create an account for you, but you need to verify your account before you can log in and view your account history.

Please contact us so that we can manually trigger a verification email for you.

Your account is tied to your email address, but your booking is tied to your phone number. If you use the same phone number with multiple email addresses, you will end up with multiple accounts in our support system. If you use the same email address with a different phone number, your details in our booking system will be updated but we will need to update your contact details in our support system.

Please contact us if you are having trouble managing your account.

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