For Business

Kanga Support has extensive experience supporting networks, servers, web sites and ecommerce, peripherals, storage and even point of sale. If you have a more complex requirement and several staff members that require regular support, then we are happy to talk to you about customising a package to suit your needs.

We designate your preferred Support Technician as your Account Manager, and they will be your primary point of contact. Our other Support Technicians remain available to you if your account manager is tied up when you’re having an urgent problem.

We provide a direct phone number for you to reach us on when you need our help, along with Help Desk infrastructure to submit common requests, such as adding users or changing configurations. We can also provide on-site support if you are in one of our limited serviced areas, assist with SaaS deployments and integrations, and liaise with other service providers and product specialists in your area to get the job done.

Tailored monthly support packages including Help Desk service and desktop support start from $500 plus GST. Our Enterprise plan at $1500 plus GST supports up to around 30 users including:

  • 20 Help Desk Requests
  • 8 hours’ Secure Remote Desktop Support
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Project Management System and Reporting Tools
  • Next-available Remote Support Sessions with your Account Manager
  • Help Desk phone number, web interface, chat and email address for your staff to use
  • Integration with Slack channels and MS Teams
  • Monthly reporting

A Help Desk Request includes an agreed list of administrative tasks such as adding an email address, creating a new file share, applying software updates, making a change on a web site or giving a user access to a resource. It depends on your organisation and your needs. These support tickets are normally completed remotely by your Account Manager according to an SLA, without requiring your interaction.

Remote Desktop Support includes the regular secure remote support service provided by Kanga Support Technicians (billed in 30 minute increments) and is there for you when users need interactive desktop support. Together, these two services give you a package that allows you to maintain the daily administration of your systems and meet your users’ support needs when you don’t have adequate resources in-house.

Contact us for more information…

Please call Chris Bell on +61 480 286811, email us or contact us using the form below to discuss how we can adapt a support package to suit your specific needs.