About Us

Kanga Support is a new remote computer support service that reflects changing working and living circumstances. We are Australian-based, as are all of our qualified Support Technicians. We use secure remote desktop access technology to resolve the majority of issues that you can come across.

We can solve all sorts of problems with both Windows and Mac machines, as well as portable devices and mobile phones. We can also fix your email, your network, configure your server or your point of sale, and pretty much everything else technical that can be done over the phone.

We aim to resolve your problem within an hour… because we have other sessions booked! We will explain if it looks like it is going to take longer, and why.

If we don’t think we can fix your problem, we won’t waste your time and will refer you to an on-site support or pickup service to have your problem fixed or your equipment repaired. If we’re in your area we might offer to do this ourselves.

Chris Bell has been working in the I.T. industry for over 25 years and founded Kanga Support Pty Ltd in 2020. He has previously been a systems administrator in major public institutions, a web hosting provider in his own guise, an I.T. salesperson and an on-site support technician for a leading national brand.

Read our customer testimonials below…

“Chris clearly explained the remote access process and reassured me that I would be able to see what he was doing as he worked around my computer. He also asked me what I wanted and recommended other options that would benefit me as I used the computer. Chris worked very skilfully and quickly and explained as he went. I felt like I understood a little more about my computer than I had before. When the session was finished, he reassured me that when he logged off, the remote session would end and my computer was back in my control again. I am very grateful for Chris and will definitely use him again for all things computer.” – Philippa Cristaudo, Dulwich Hill NSW

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